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Boston, Massachusetts, USA – July 21, 2021 – Lantana Games will be offering a live demonstration of the creative toolsets included in their art history brickbreaking game, Mondrian – Plastic Reality, on Thursday, July 22 at 3pm Eastern Time. This demonstration will take place in the GJ Art Lounge, a free-to-attend digital event hosted on GamerJibe. Artists of both physical and digital media are encouraged to come visit Lantana Games’ booth in Hall B to learn more about the game and tools.

In Mondrian – Plastic Reality, you join Piet Mondrian and his modernist friends on time-tripping heists through art history to uncover their lost works in a colorful, brickbreaking, mind-bending experience with roguelite-esque and creative-centric sensibilities. Included with the game are toolsets that offer artists a new way to share their works with the world. These include Mondrian Maker, an easy-to-learn level editor, and Mondrian Studio, a graphic design suite tailormade for today’s connected creatives. Players can import their own artworks as background images for their Mondrian Maker/Studio creations, and upload those creations to Steam Workshop with the press of a button.

During the one hour demonstration at GJ Art Lounge, Lantana will be building a level from scratch with the audience in Mondrian Maker, and creating imagery from that level in Mondrian Studio. We will be happy to answer any questions you and the rest of the audience may have about the game and included toolsets.

The Mondrian series has always featured high-impact, nostalgic gameplay that is accessible and addictive, while incorporating dynamically generated elements. Mondrian – Plastic Reality in particular pushes the boundaries of what retro gaming can be, with HD graphics, 60fps gameplay, near-instant load times, and multiple control-inputs, including keyboard/mouse, controller, and touchscreen. Players can enjoy multiple game modes, from the brand new Adventure story mode, to the three Quick Play modes returning from Abstraction in Beauty (Endless, Gem Hunt, and Arcade). New to the game are the Testing and Mondrian Studio modes, letting players test out or display their creations. All modes feature unique meta rules and shine different kinds of lights on user creations. The game is also compatible with Razer™ Chroma, lighting up players’ devices to match the on-screen, dynamically generated color harmonies.

Gaming has always been a frontier for creativity. Whether in the nostalgic paintings of Kid Pix or more recent adventures in Roblox, gamers have always found ways of inspiring and challenging each other. With Mondrian – Plastic Reality, we set out to create a platform that could fit the needs of creative gamers looking for new artistic outlets, of casual gamers looking for something into which they can easily sink hundreds of hours of their time, of hardcore gamers looking for quick ways to challenge their friends, and of retro gamers looking for something fresh but familiar. We hope that this demonstration can give players just a little taste of the infinite, spiraling canvas of fun that awaits them in Mondrian – Plastic Reality.

Check out the launch trailer for Mondrian – Plastic Reality here:

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Mondrian – Plastic Reality is available on Steam for Windows. The demonstration goes live in the GJ Art Lounge’s Hall B at 3pm Eastern Time on July 22. 

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