Help us shape the destiny of the World Turtles – be a part of the journey until its full launch in August – Please, help us save our turtle. It means the world to us…

Pretoria, South Africa, 23/05/2022 – World Turtles is a wholesome colony builder made by a solo developer Gideon Griebenow from South Africa as the main ingredient of the nerdiest mid-life crises he’s aware of. It is the game he’s always wanted to make. He had a clear vision in his mind – create a world on a giant space turtle.

It still feels ‘Unreal’ to me, although it was ‘Made with Unity’, that the passion project I started out of nerdy interest has actually become such a reality, with enough support and appeal, to warrant pursuing it full-time in exchange for my career of two decades!”, says Gideon Griebenow, All-Round Tinkerer of Re: cOg Mission. “I am happy to invite you all to follow my game’s journey to the upcoming launch and help save the turtle! Today, May 23rd also happens to be World Turtle Day, which is about encouraging human action to protect and help endangered turtles to survive and thrive in their ecosystems. Therefore, I would like to invite everyone to be mindful and help save the turtles in real life as well.” – encourages Gideon World Turtles is a wholesome strategy game which includes working with the AI realms to interact with the World, the Turtle and Space itself in a way that ensures the Turtle’s, and the Meeps’, survival. Will you find peaceful, sustainable means of existing in harmony with your world and neighboring Meeps, rather than heartlessly exploiting or conquering one and all? Will you navigate the forces of nature, learn how they work and harness their power to affect progress without destruction? Will you be a part of the journey? Key Game Features:
  • Set on, and actually involving, a huge turtle floating through space.
  • The Turtle’s position in space impacts life on the Turtle, including climate and water levels.
  • Separate technology trees per building type, coupled with an overall technology tree.
  • Meeps require balanced experience to progress.
  • The need to plan ahead and be willing to wait for your decisions to bear fruit.
  • Conquer land, water, air and space… together… for good.
The game beat out around 5400 other games to win the #PitchYaGame Industry Pick in June of 2021, and support in terms of wishlists and community feedback has been steadily growing. World Turtles will be available on Steam in August – be sure to put it on your wishlist today to keep up with the progress and soon coming release. Watch these trailers and be a part of the journey! World Turtles Mini-Trailer 2022 – World Turtles Strategy Game Trailer – For more information, please visit: Or check the social media channels: Subreddit: Discord: YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Please find assets here: Dropbox: Presskit: Trailers: Images: Images in hi-res: Logos: About Re: cOg Mission: Gideon Griebenow, Re: cOg Mission’s solo developer, joined the game development party quite late in life after obtaining a PhD in Credit Risk Analysis, spending 10 years in that arena and subsequently founding his own consultancy business. And then, three years later, he watched a Unity tutorial, and World Turtles slowly but surely took center stage, until taking over completely. What he finds most appealing about game development is also one of the hardest things about it: the extensive variety of skills, knowledge, experience and involvement required to bring everything together into a meaningful, enjoyable whole that can teleport you to somewhere else for a while. There’s certainly no room for being disinterested!