PlayShifu’s acclaimed Orboot line is now available in Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark  (October 6 – 2021) – Orboot by PlayShifu is a groundbreaking innovation that brings globes to the 21st century through an augmented reality twist, spanning eras, cultures, and even planets. PlayShifu, the pioneer behind Orboot, is revolutionizing the way Gen Alpha plays and learns by making screen time hands-on and educational. Loved across the world by children, parents, and educators alike, Orboot comprises three different globes–Orboot Earth, Orboot Dinos, and Orboot Mars. Each globe works with a companion app through which children can access a world of knowledge, unlock thousands of facts, and play thrilling games.

Orboot Earth explores our planet through immersive and interactive AR features. The globe lets children explore different countries and has over 400 wonders and 1000 facts about diverse wildlife, monuments, inventions, cultures, cuisines, and maps across the planet. Orboot Earth does not contain political borders and encourages children to discover every region through its natural and cultural heritage.

Orboot Dinos takes children to prehistoric Earth from 60 million years ago. It brings alive 50 dinosaurs in 3D in a fascinating AR interface, on scanning the globe with the app. From thrilling games to over 500 incredible facts to interacting with the walking-talking reptiles, the entire experience helps children strengthen their scientific thinking and attention to detail while learning about their favourite dinosaurs.

Orboot Mars is an interplanetary journey that takes children to the Red Planet. It contains over 1000 facts about the Mars missions and spacecraft. Children can learn about each mission in detail–when it was launched, equipment on board, discoveries made, and more. The brilliance of AR lets children explore the surface of Mars and its physical features including prominent planes, craters, valleys, and mountains.

All Orboot apps are regularly updated with new content, features, games. The Orboot app supports multiple languages and is fully available in Danish for Orboot Dinos and Orboot Mars globes. Orboot Earth will also be available in Danish starting November, 2021. This wholesome S.T.E.A.M. toy range builds a knowledge base while developing cognitive and linguistic skills. The plethora of games within the globes help develop problem-solving skills. In all, Orboot is a dynamic, interdisciplinary learning tool, covering play and educational needs in both classrooms and at home.

Designed for ages 4 and up, each Orboot globe retails for 449 DKK and can be purchased from Av-Cables ApS, Bog & Ide, Legeakademiet, Elgiganten, Fætter BR, Bilka and Power. Orboot apps are compatible with a wide range of iOS and Android tablets and smartphones  (no in-app purchases, works even without the internet).

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About PlayShifu:

PlayShifu is a leading early learning toy company offering a variety of immersive and educational toys that connect the physical and digital worlds. The play experiences are specially designed for kids ages 4 to 12 years and build foundational skills, STEAM and beyond, through fun. Founded in 2016 by Dinesh Advani and Vivek Goyal after they saw a need to provide meaningful phygital play experiences for their kids, PlayShifu is now loved around the world for its three series of products–Orboot, Plugo, and Tacto. With offices in the U.S. and India, PlayShifu products are available in more than 35 countries.