Oberhaching, Germany — Developer Game Island and publisher Toplitz Productions are pleased to announce that their exciting first-person survival adventure game SERUM will launch on PC via Steam early access on May 23rd. 

The latest CGI trailer shows the game’s protagonist, Adam, a survivor and patient of the EVAS Corporation, a pharmaceutical organization located on the island of Matamis. In a catastrophic turn of events, EVAS becomes ultimately responsible for the mutagen incident, leaving Adam alone and fending for himself in his quest for answers. 

SERUM promises an intense, heart-pounding adventure that unravels a spine-tingling conspiracy in the shadow of a mutagen pandemic and a world now left in ruin. Determination and the will to survive will play a huge part in how players navigate the environment as they search for sources of serum and craft the means to survive.

Serum is the essential elixir that can prolong life in the contaminated landscape and amplify abilities associated with speed, sight and power. Serum can also be used to enhance hand-crafted weapons, which are essential for hunting or defending against the mutated horrors that await. Players will need to look for various items in the world that can be utilized and recycled or used to upgrade base facilities. Not only will players need to carefully manage their found resources as they explore the world, but they will also need to keep an eye on the passage of time as it continually ebbs away.

Survivors face the constant pressure of time, but they will also face the mutated monstrosities that populate the landscape, including aggressive fog wolves, bone-breaking boars and even the relentless walking dead, remnants of workers who became infected and died.

The toxic mist that blankets parts of the landscape is a chilling reminder of the catastrophic impact on the environment. A player’s survival is not guaranteed unless they can harness the resources and cultivate an existence in this fragile but lethal world. 

SERUM’s unique time mechanic, coupled with its crafting and serum brewing system, paves the way for experimentation and discovery as players harness the serum’s potent abilities across different locations. This is all driven by an exciting narrative of conspiracy, cover-up, and scientific negligence.

Developer Game Island and publisher Toplitz Productions recently conducted SERUM’S public playtest as they put the finishing touches on the game’s early access PC build. This follows its standout performance at February’s Steam Next Fest earlier this year, where it ranked among the top 50 most-played demos and secured an impressive 17th place in the list of most-followed demos during the event.

Gamers interested in wishlisting or discovering more about the game can do so via SERUM’S official Steam page. They can also join the conversation with the game’s dedicated Discord channel here.

About Toplitz Productions
The German-Austrian publisher, whose name originates from the mysterious Toplitz Lake in the heart of Austria, develops and publishes games with “heart & soul” for all platforms. The company consists of a healthy mix of experienced industry veterans and young talents, all of whom are passionate gamers. They enjoy working with creative developers on many exciting titles, such as those from the “Dynasty” and “Giant” series.

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About Game Island S.A
Game Island S.A. was established in July 2020 as a subsidiary of The Dust S.A. Game Island specializes in the production of games for Steam and console platforms. Serum is the first major title in the Game Island S.A. portfolio and is currently under development. The game will be published globally by Toplitz Productions.