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Legends Arcade Family


Our aim was to increase visibility around Legends Arcade Family product launches, and position ATGames as a leading brand for home arcade systems in USA. We planned 3 months campaign to engage media and influencers for multiple news, reviews, unboxing and feature coverage.


★ Secured visibility in some of the biggest national outlets in USA such as CNN and Washington Post as well as top gaming & tech media: Kotaku, Mashable and Digital Trends, to name a few.

★ Got Legends Ultimate featured in “The 2020 Esquire Gadget Awards” - one of the most popular men’s lifestyle media in US.

★ Products from ATGames was included in the gift guides in GameSpot.

★ As extra we organized a feature for the Legends Ultimate in a popular British Television program - The Gadget show.



Days of active campaign


Pieces of Coverage


Audience Reach