The debut game of Favour Toys Studios, is now available on PC and later this year for mobile on GooglePlay and Itunes – The peace and safety of mankind is in your hands!

Tilburg, Netherlands – February 17th, 2022 – Plentypede is a 2.5D third person shooter game. The player has to stand his ground against the enemy that tries to reach the portals at the end of the line. At first sight Plentypede looks simple, but make no mistake, it’s all about timing and being observant. The strategic elements exist from picking the right upgrades that fits your playstyle and reloading your cannon at the right moment. Plentypede can also be good to improve motoric skills and the ability to analyze problems in a short matter of time. “Making a game ourselves for the first time is challenging, and you have no idea if have succeeded, until the gamers can experience the game for themselves. This is the start of more games in development. We are so happy that we can finally launch the game and it feels special. The team has done a great job!” says Alex de Vries, producer at Favour Toys Studios. Plentypede is a Dutch inspired arcade game where using the right strategy is important. It features different levels, weapons and skills. Plentypede will be available in the SteamStore at 9am PST/6pm CET, on February 17 at Check out the amazing release trailer at Follow @FavourStudios and visit for more news. About Favour Toys Studios The passion for games continues after more than 30 years in the games distribution business for top tier publishers and studios across the globe. Favour Toys Studios is a sister company of the company 4TuneGames BV, a successful distribution company who exploits a group of companies in several regions across the globe. Each company is focussing on marketing, sales and PR and with the new sister on development of Games. The groups holds the rights on DigitumGames (active in LATAM with sales, marketing and own game centers), Favour Toys, Favour Games, Favour Toys Studios, Brizamila Entertainment, AtacadoGames digital, Anoman Studios. Favour Toys Studios develops games for multiple platforms.