We in Games Branding are happy to have helped secure a valuable academy guide at Gamesindustry.biz. written by Australian based agency – GYLD who dove deep and explained in details about “Everything you need before you even think of pitching to a publisher“. Gamesindustry.biz is the markets leading website and community for news and information about the global video games industry. The academy guide can be read in its entirety right here. About GYLD GYLD was founded in July 2020, and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. With an experienced team of agents, financial advisors, lawyers, business analysts, video game producers and UX designers, GYLD provides a first-class agency service that benefits both their game developers and publishers. They also provide assistance with acquisition and other IP negotiations, and have found high demand from many corners of the industry outside of developers and publishers, including tech companies, industry advocacy groups and more.  Lex Suurland — Co-Founder With over a decade of experience at multiple publishing labels such as Humble Bundle and Fellow Traveler, Lex successfully managed a wide range of international development teams, and guided over 50 titles to market. Lex’s honed skill set allows him to develop and drive complex, multi-faceted deals, capitalizing on rising industry trends. Lex’s goal now is to successfully procure the best possible publishing deals for GYLD’S developers. Fabian Malabello — Co-founder Fabian Malabello is an agent, BAFTA-winning music supervisor, and MCV Pacific 30 Under Thirty alumnus in the video game industry. With over 100 titles to his name, Fabian has provided professional services to: Konami, Lucasfilm, Tencent, THQ Nordic, Bandai-Namco, 505 Games, Honda, Chucklefish, and dozens more. Fabian’s experience lends himself to helping developers with all aspects of video games, both creative and business Find out more about GYLD on their website: www.gyldagency.com