31 August 2023, Friedrichshafen, Germany – Indie developer Couch in the Woods is happy to release their retro sci-fi action game GRAVIATORS on Steam. 

GRAVIATORS is an easy to learn and easy to master, team arena sports game, set in space. If you’re looking for a casual friendly esports title, you don’t have to search any further as GRAVIATORS will satisfy your competitive urge.

GRAVIATORS offers you a cosmic playground where you compete in pinball-like arenas while harnessing the power of gravity and employing tactical shield abilities. A blend of high-paced and high-energy competition, strategic and exciting mechanics for creative gameplay makes GRAVIATORS a perfect couch party and casual esports game.

“Even if you face defeat, you’ll cherish remaining in the embrace of gravity, orbiting the ball around you in space. Adjust to the object, and you shall find a way around or through it. Empty your mind, be massless. Weightless, like gravity.”

Couch in the Woods, Inspired by the honourable teachings of Bruce Lee

GRAVIATORS gameplay trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWphsmTslow

GRAVIATORS on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1958540/GRAVIATORS/

Use your spacepod’s special gravity and shield abilities to control the ball and shoot it into the opponent’s black hole to score points. Bring your friends to your couch to compete against each other or against other teams online. Go solo and play against AI or random people online – the choices and fun are limitless! GRAVIATORS has 3 different game modes:

Versus Arena: Destroy shields around your opponents black hole to get temporary points. Shoot inside the black hole to score goals, and have your points added to the scoreboard!

Planetary Arena: The goals are located on each side of the screen and the playfield is divided by a black hole. Use the black hole to give the ball some extra power! Destroy the shields and score goals to add points to the scoreboard!

Meteor Shower: Protect your planet and survive incoming waves of asteroids! Destroy them quickly to build up a higher multiplier. With further waves, new kinds of asteroids and other dangerous objects will appear.

About Couch in the Woods
Couch in the Woods is a passionate team that is literally playing and developing games on the couch in the woods. Isolated by mountains and trees of the Black Forest, the team founded their small indie game dev studio in 2020 out of the studies. To make their dreams come true, the team drove the research in machine learning for the GRAVIATORS AI to get governmental funding. From the first idea in their student rooms to promoting GRAVIATORS at gaming events, the team is about to launch their first title successfully in cooperation with Bonus Stage Publishing.