Bangkok, Thailand – June 15, 2023 – FARSIDERS Alpha 2 test has come and gone, leaving the folks at GambitGhost Studio buzzing with excitement as they continue crafting their upcoming game. But hold onto your hats, because they’ve just unleashed a brand new FARSIDERS gameplay showcase that will ignite your eagerness to play.

The gameplay showcase of FARSIDERS takes a trip to the Spectra Lab and witnesses the fearless protagonist, Cassie, working her magic like a true maestro. And let me tell you, it’s a sight to behold!

Watch the fresh “Slow Burn” Combat Guide video here:

The Slow Burn build showcased in the video highlights the depth and complexity of the gameplay experience. Cassie harnesses the power of fire skills, amps things up with Talent Tree enhancements, and unleashes a wicked combination of damage over time.

Feeling tempted to give it a try? Well, buckle up and get ready for some hot moves, because as you step into the shoes of a Spectralon, there’s a whole lot more excitement waiting for you in the world of FARSIDERS. Remember to embrace your adventurous spirit, blaze your own trail, and unlock the endless possibilities that lie ahead!

Stay tuned for more thrilling adventures soon! FARSIDERS Beta will launch June 28th!

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About GambitGhost Studio
GambitGhost Studio is a Thai game development studio founded in 2020. Their head office is currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. The studio aims to produce high quality, story driven video games. Unlike most new indie studios, they put a lot of resources into creating high-end graphics and animation in order to create a new, unique yet beautiful new world/culture to enhance the player’s experience. GambitGhost Studio’s method is to combine game design with data analytic to create a new but truly satisfying experience.