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Hamburg, Germany – October 7th, 2021 – gamigo and Arumgames are announcing the upcoming release of Fantasy Town, a mobile farming sim featuring a mix of exploration, RPG, and adventure game mechanics. Players can build their town, produce and farm crops, trade goods, explore, and defend their citizens from evil Trolls bent on causing harm and havoc from time to time. 

In Fantasy Town, the player takes on the role of a Lord who is convinced to learn how to govern Arsendal, reluctantly. With the Citizens of the land relying on him to help it flourish, the player will construct, manage, and upgrade various buildings, farmland, crops and more. As resources are harvested, they can be traded to keep the city prosperous and the citizens happy. Farm for corn, raise various livestock, and create mouth-watering delicacies that are sure to be the talk of the town!

While your town works to gather various materials, players can summon various citizens to explore diverse places and dungeons in search of special resources. Earn new recipes, battle against bosses, and earn treasure while discovering new lands and creatures. Fantasy Town also holds events regularly that reward participants that include several minigames, such as puzzles, runners, and building a tower using various in-game items. Other fun features include character customization, different town skins, a lucky roulette wheel, and more. 

“gamigo has a long history of publishing diverse and exciting online RPGs, including Trove, Grand Fantasia, and Aura Kingdom. Today, we’re adding a mobile game that combines a farming simulator with RPG elements to our stable of releases, and it’s a game we’re really excited about,” says Jens Knauber, CEO at gamigo. “Fantasy Town offers a ton of fun and interesting gameplay mechanics. Arumgames has done an excellent job with the game and we can’t wait to make it available to our audiences in the coming months.”

“This is a great honor and opportunity for Arumgames to commercial publish Fantasy Town with gamigo AG who is well positioned as a gaming publisher to approach massive numbers of mobile game obsessed audiences in North America and Europe” said Byung Jong, Kang, CEO of Arumgames “We will do our best to build the best gaming experience and environment for Fantasy Town to closely cooperate with gamigo AG”.

Several social gameplay mechanics have been implemented in Fantasy Town that help players in a number of ways: 

• Can You Spare Some Sugar? – Trade items between users so everyone can get what they want! 

• In-app Entrepreneur – Do you prefer to trade your resources for capital? Set up a stall in “My Shop” and upload your hard-earned harvest for hard-earned gold. 

• Get By with a Little Help – Players can visit their friend’s town to help care for their crops or fight off invading enemies 

• Commune with the Community – Start or join a guild, enjoy some co-op, or compete against others 

Fantasy Town will release in North America, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand on iOS and Android devices in 2022. To learn more about Fantasy Town, visit its official website

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