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Boden, Sweden – 28th February 2022: Wanderword, the leader in interactive audio entertainment, has officially launched their Interactive Audio development tool Fabella. What is Fabella? Fabella is a fully-featured visual editor that allows you to create Interactive Audio projects ranging from Interactive Podcasts & Audiobooks, Audio Games and much more. With its quick and easy drag and drop node-based system, Fabella allows anyone to be creating their first piece of content in minutes. How Fabella can help you Fabella empowers game developers, podcast producers, audiobook publishers, conversation designers and other creatives with a clean, intuitive and logical workflow, providing all the tools you need to achieve impressive results quickly. It’s highly flexible, adapting to your needs at every stage of production – from early prototyping to finalizing the shipping product. The content can be published to Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices, a standalone web player or as apps for mobile devices running iOS, iPadOS or Android – or all platforms with one push of a button! “What I loved about Fabella is that I’m not a coder, but instantly I was creating logic to make a game work. I found it so intuitive and was getting results quickly!“ – Ben McCulloch Features
  • Create once, publish everywhere – Fabella streamlines the publishing process by offering tools that allow developers to export to multiple platforms – including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS, Android and web.
  • Fast, intuitive editing – Fabella uses a quick and easy node-based system with drag-and-drop. No advanced coding experience required – beginners can be up and running in minutes.
  • Advanced game design features – Highly customizable, ready-made components tailored for gaming functionality.
  • Live collaboration – The Fabella editor allows your whole team to collaborate on a project in real time – a major time saver.
  • First class voices – Fabella offers access to over 400 synthetic voices (narrators, digital actors, promo voice-over) from the best providers, and you can bring your own voice recordings too.
Upcoming features
  • QR code support – Upload a QR image to your project, where you can trigger additional content when someone scans the same QR code in the real world.
  • GPS location implementation – Include a map marker through GPS, where when users reach the defined location you can deliver targeted content.
Check out what was made with Fabella Tales of Sasha: The Interactive Audio Game (Play on Alexa) The Bard’s Tale: Warlocks of Largefearn (Play on Alexa and play on Google) Escape from 63rd and Wallace (Play on Alexa and play on Google) The Copernicus Legacy: The Interactive Audiobook (Play on Alexa and play on Google) Press Kit That includes screens, intro video and product information Please click here Check out the Fabella intro video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCRQuns7DOI About Wanderword Wanderword is defining the Interactive Audio Entertainment Industry. With our tech platform Fabella, we are enabling storytellers to create their own interactive audio stories. Our inhouse Polar Night Studio is pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge production. Visit FABELLACREATOR.COM to try out it out for free