Update 33: New Frontiers brings intrepid space dwarves a gleaming array of new content including two brand new alien biomes, fearsome new enemies and more

SKÖVDE, Sweden – Jan. 15, 2021 – Deep Rock Galactic enforcers Coffee Stain Publishing and Ghost Ship Games today announce that the highly anticipated Update 33: New Frontiers will launch on Steam on February 4th, with Xbox to follow shortly after on February 11th! The latest update to the co-op first, dwarf mining space FPS introduces a huge haul of new content, including two brand new biomes complete with new enemies. Azure Weald is an eerily beautiful bioluminescent treasure trove, and Hollow Bough is a perilous new region of Hoxxes VI, initially resembling the innards of a giant tree, but harbouring some deadly, carnivorous secrets.

Beyond the new playable environments, missions and enemies, Update 33 also reveals two new dropsites for its crew of enterprising dwarves, alongside many new mission specs and Mactera to slay. In addition, the major update also includes everything from UI improvements, a streamer friendly jukebox, and many new dance moves to pop. 

Two new biomes

Azure Weald; they say ‘Kill or be killed’ is the mantra of this place. It is visually stunning, with dazzling, bioluminescent clusters of lichen lighting up the darkness, illuminating this fertile and overgrown region in flickering neon colors. In contrast, Hollow Bough is a much more dark, gloomy and organic affair, resembling the inside of hollow trees. Both biomes introduce new foes for miners to face and eliminate. Mactera Tri-Jaws and Mactera Brundle’s offer fresh new challenges for miners to take on in the Azure Weald, and they’ll need plenty of ammo! In the Hollow Bough, Deeptora Bough Wasps swarm in their hordes, and Stabber Vines lurk in the undergrowth ready to slaughter the unobservant. For imagery of both of these new biomes, and enemies, please find the assets here.

Mission overhauls

It’s ‘New Year, New Me’ for a bunch of the core missions in Deep Rock Galactic, with updates coming for the Elimination, Salvage and Point Extraction modes. Dwarves dropping in for Elimination tasks have double trouble on their hands, with two new Dreadnought variants emerging from Hoxxes IV. Miners will face off against the Dreadnought Hiveguard, and the monster twins: Dreadnought Arbalest and Lacerator. On Salvage tasks, you can now interact with a broken M.U.L.E. to download the locations of it’s missing legs to your terrain scanner to make objective location more streamlined. Refining the tech dropped in Update 32, miners are now able to connect fuel cells to drop pods with a simple fuel-line system. Finally, for Point Extraction missions, Update 33 introduces a brand spanking new model of the Minehead machine to fit in with other shiny new tech dropped in Update 32.

Please don’t stop the music!

Streamers rejoice! For enterprising Dwarves and content creators alike, copyright strikes are to be avoided at all costs. 8 new “safe” tracks are now available to all players. Furthermore there are a bunch of new dance moves dropping in this update, so it’s time to kill the dancefloor! Other new features dropping in Update 33 are a new trade terminal UI, a new animation for Molly docking the Drop Pod. To thank fans for voting Deep Rock Galactic into the Better With Friends category in the Steam Awards, players will have access to a free new hat. Update 33 also launches alongside a new cosmetic DLC featuring a set of unique Dreadnought themed Armor for each class.

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