Legends Universal Firmware 5.x series is the first universal firmware platform for the Legends Arcade family of products, concurrently bringing advanced new features to home arcade products including the Legends Ultimate 1.0, Legends Ultimate 1.1, Legends Gamer, Legends Gamer Pro, and more with each regular software update

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 17, 2020) – AtGames today announced that it has brought universal firmware updates to all of its home arcade products. The new Legends Universal Firmware (LUF) version 5.x firmware series now powers all Legends Arcade Family devices, including the Legends Ultimate 1.0/1.1, Legends Gamer/Pro/Mini, Legends Core, Legends Connect, and Legends Pinball. More details on the Legends Arcade Family products and where to purchase can be found at: https://arcades.atgames.net/.

Major new features in the LUF weekly releases of 5.x series firmware include pAOX 1.1, Vertical Display Mode, Taito arcade Game Packs, new global leaderboard games, and BYOG streaming leaderboards. These features add to the more than 10 months of prior weekly firmware updates first debuted on the full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade machine and now available on all Legends Arcade Family products.

Highlights of the new LUF 5.x series features, with more on the way every week,  include:

pAOX 1.1

This update to the popular pAOX virtual pinball app now supports the following new features:

  • Auto button mapping based on client, e.g., Legends Ultimate, Legends Gamer, pinball kit accessory, etc., using JoyToKey
  • Cleaner execution and shutdown of VPX pinball engine and auxiliary processes
  • The Leprechaun King has a 16:9 ratio backglass design
  • Vertical play mode enabled for The Leprechaun King with more to follow

Vertical Display Mode

The Legends Arcade Platform family of products now supports displaying their user interfaces and games in standard landscape or vertical (horizontal/portrait) modes. Using the Vertical mode tile on the Settings page, users can play arcade and pinball games on monitors, TVs or projectors that support portrait mode. In-game bezels and menus are also optimized for vertical displays when Vertical mode is active.

New Global Leaderboard Games

Compete for high scores in your choice of dozens of fun games with AtGames Leagues Leaderboards™ (ALL). This fan-favorite Legends Arcade Platform feature gets great additions with each new firmware update. 

BYOG Streaming Leaderboards

This new feature helped kick off Farsight Studios Month (September 2020). Leaderboard support and integration for incredible Farsight BYOG compatible games from Steam like Pinball Arcade and PBA Pro Bowling are now possible thanks to the power of the Legends Arcade Platform. 

The Legends Arcade Platform is exclusive to the AtGames family of home arcade products. Through the Legends Arcade Platform’s ArcadeNet® and BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game) functionality, you can enable access to even more games and features. ArcadeNet® provides instant play of a growing selection of games, online play, and high-score leaderboards. BYOG™ lets you play your digital PC games with the Legends Arcade Platform’s unique controls and display. With APL™ (Arcade Play Link) functionality, you can connect a variety of HDMI-, Bluetooth-, and USB-based devices and consoles for access to even more content. Through the AtGames Leagues Leaderboards™ (ALL), the premier event and high score tracking destination for the Legends connected home arcade series of products, you can see active and upcoming solo- and team-based game events, as well as the top rankings – and where you place – for a growing selection of legendary games. You can also live-stream your gameplay through the most popular services. An SDK for developers provides flexibility for third party features and services.

About AtGames

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