LOS ANGELES, Calif. (January 14, 2020) – AtGames®, a leader in interactive entertainment products today announced the immediate availability of the ArcadeNet® streaming games service exclusively for Legends Arcade Family products. Now out of beta, the ArcadeNet® service provides instant access to a growing library of arcade, console, and pinball games. 

With ArcadeNet® you get easy-to-use, one-click-play of a growing library of amazing arcade, console, and pinball titles that are optimized for Legends Arcade Family devices. To start, there are a diverse range of titles to play, with many more added on a regular basis. You can see more details and sign up here: https://www.atgames.net/arcadenet/. Visit the AtGames E-Store for the latest specials and holiday deals: https://www.atgames.us/

ArcadeNet® offers a choice of two subscriptions, one free and one paid. The options are:

ArcadeNet® Basic ($0 per month)

With ArcadeNet® Basic, you have access to a limited selection of games from the full ArcadeNet® library and can stream them in up to 720p/30fps quality on one Legends Arcade Family device (one UUID per month). Your ArcadeNet® friends list is unlimited. Multiplayer and voice chat supports up to two (2) players with this service option.

You’ll have streaming access to this limited selection of games for the remainder of the monthly cycle with up to two (2) hours total of arcade and console game streaming and up to one (1) hour total of Cloud pinball streaming. Available titles for ArcadeNet® Basic are rotated on a regular basis and you can assign access to a different Legends Arcade Family device’s UUID after the end of the current monthly cycle.

ArcadeNet® Standard ($20 per month)

With ArcadeNet® Standard, you have access to the full ArcadeNet® library, including arcade, console, and Cloud pinball, and can stream them in up to 1080p/60fps quality on any Legends Arcade Family device you log into. Up to six (6) concurrent device UUIDs can be shared with one ArcadeNet® ID, with one (1) device streaming at a time. Your ArcadeNet® friends list is unlimited. Multiplayer and voice chat supports up to four (4) players with this service option. And like with Cloud BYOG™, subscriptions are stackable, so you can add more months at any time, e.g., buying a 6 month subscription after a 1 month subscription gets you 7 months total. 

Active ArcadeNet® Standard subscribers also receive a 10% discount on all Direct2Drive.com (https://www.direct2drive.com/) purchases (automatically applied with ArcadeNet® login), as well as access to additional deals, exclusive giveaways, and other coupons. 

Full Pricing Options and Current ArcadeNet® Standard Deals

The Legends Arcade Family includes the full-size Legends Ultimate home arcade and Legends Pinball machine, Legends Gamer Pro and Gamer Mini wireless tabletop controllers, Legends Core open and connected streaming arcade game console, and other devices with authentic controls running on the Legends Arcade Platform. This platform allows for a range of impressive connected features, including ArcadeNet®, BYOG™, and universal global leaderboards. More information can be found at https://arcades.atgames.net/

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