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Increase awareness and positive sentiment amongst new viewers of the newly released Arcane TV series on Netflix.


Supported Riot Games with Arcane TV series and increased the understanding of press about the company’s first step to becoming a major player in the entertainment segment.

Secured positive sentiment among the press of Riot Games and Arcane TV series.

Coverage secured in the leading national daily news outlets in Denmark such as the national news DR, Finland - Ilta Sanomat the biggest daily news. Norway - VG the biggest daily news and Expressen, the leading tabloid newspaper. .

Arcane got featured in several of news on television.

Arcane was mentioned as the top series in the popular entertainment outlets such as Connery, Kingsize, P3, Feber, Muropaketti, etc. and was the most viewed TV series on Netflix.

Number 1 on Netflix in the Nordic region.

342 pieces of coverage.

Audience reach 561.772.159